WordPress Web Design Packages

Packages Overview

We offer 3 comprehensive WordPress Web Design packages. Please see the chart below for your options. Each package includes:

  • High-end web design
  • Responsive layout for device compatibility
  • Caching plugin for improved website speed
  • Security plugin
  • SEO friendly website
  • WordPress one-on-one training

Web Design Process

Our WordPress Web Design Service is a 5 step process:


We will discuss your options and examine different web design elements. You will receive a spec sheet from us which will contain the domain and hosting company information, WordPress plugins that we plan to use, project scope and the work schedule. You will also need to have your content completed and ready to give to us before moving forward.


Depending on the type and complexity of the web design project, we will create a website wireframe or a comprehensive layout (comp) for you to approve. This will be how the final website will look before we launch it.


Once we know how the website will look and have a clear plan for it, we will begin the development process. This may take some time depending on what features are being created or implemented.


The work that we’ve done has been kept on a hosting account that is not visible by anyone or by search engines. This allows us to test the website extensively to ensure that all goals are met. Only you will be able to see the work that’s been completed and test the website.


When you are satisfied and ready to launch the website, we will move it to your hosting account and make it visible on the internet.
High-End Web Design
Responsive Web Design
WordPress Training Included

Ready to get started?

Please fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options for the web design project. If you already have a good idea of what you need, you can fill out our web design questionnaire which includes many of the questions we will ask you over the phone.

All work that we do is contractual and requires a deposit to begin.

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It’s hard enough trying to run a small business without having to worry about technical website issues that could potentially have an effect on operations.

I had been struggling with problems on my WordPress site that had me frustrated for several months and Aaron figured out the issue and solved it in an hour! He also found many other issues and fixed those, as well. I can’t even express the relief that I felt and the peace of mind that I now have since he came to my rescue. I was so impressed that I’m going to be securing him for some additional website upgrades, too.

Aaron was amazing and well worth every penny!!!

Melanie Quick
Owner, Adored Events