WordPress Installation Service

Are you new to WordPress or having trouble getting WordPress installed? Are you not sure where to begin? Our WordPress Installation Service can help get your website set up and running worry-free.

It can be daunting to install WordPress manually for the first time. There are a lot of moving parts, such as purchasing the domain name and hosting account, using the cPanel, creating a database, installing an SSL certificate, and setting up an FTP account. What about installing the WordPress theme and the plugins?

Our WordPress Installation Service will help you with all of this and also provide limited consulting to help get you started after the initial setup.

Process for Our WordPress Installation Service

The following steps are generally how the process for our WordPress Installation Service work. Your situation may be unique and we will attempt to accommodate you as necessary within the scope of the service.

WordPress Installation Purchase Domain and Hosting

First: Purchase the Domain and Hosting

Before we can get started there are some things that you’ll need, such as a domain name and a place online to store the website files. If you are unsure where to purchase a Domain Name and Business Hosting, you can get affordable prices at Golden Oak Domains.

Additionally, we recommend the following:

WordPress Installation Service Purchase Theme

Next: Purchase a WordPress Theme

Although you can download and use a free WordPress theme, we suggest taking a look at these companies that offer affordable theme prices:

Note: The WordPress Installation Service will only install your supplied theme. If you want to have it customized or need additional plugins for it, please visit our WordPress Customization Service page.

WordPress Security

Last: We Install WordPress and Secure It

Because there are default installation settings in WordPress that may leave your website vulnerable to hacking attempts, we will install free plugins and configure WordPress to improve website security. Some of these include: locking the administrator account after too many failed password attempts, filtering traffic to the website, and periodic website health reports that will notify you of security vulnerabilities, brute force attacks, and critical updates.

WordPress is open-source software and is currently one of the most popular blogging and content management systems (CMS). This makes it a target for hackers and spammers. We will take careful security precautions during the installation that include:

  • Using a database prefix other than the WordPress default
  • Creating an initial administrator account that isn’t the default admin username
  • Helping you choose a strong password for your login
  • Installing plugins to help make WordPress more secure

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