WordPress Customization Service

Sometimes your budget just doesn’t allow a complete redesign of your current website. Perhaps you would like to make content updates or add new features? Maybe there are parts of the theme that needs to be redone? Whether the changes are aesthetic or functional, we can get the job done for you and do it right with our WordPress Customization Service.

WordPress Customization Service

What is Our WordPress Customization Service?

Our WordPress Customization Service includes:

  • Editing the header, footer, menu, and widget areas
  • Changing the font style
  • Changing the theme colors
  • Installing and configuring plugins (see below)
  • Updating existing content
  • Creating new pages and adding content
  • Troubleshooting errors, bugs, or anything out of the ordinary
WordPress Theme Customization Service Plugins

We’ll Install Plugins That Solve Problems

Your theme might not have the functionality that you need, and if so, we will look for a plugin to meet that need. Because WordPress has one of the largest growing communities with many free plugins available, you may be able to keep your costs low. As part of our WordPress Customization Service, we will discuss your options before you make an investment in third-party software.

Ready to Get Started With Our WordPress Customization Service?

If you know what needs to be done on your website but are unsure how to make the changes, we can set up an appointment and discuss it with you. Before we begin any work we will give you an estimate for you to approve. Depending on what we propose, we may charge a flat price or an hourly rate.

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