WordPress Security Service

It is estimated that there are 455+ million WordPress websites worldwide. Because of the popularity of WordPress, it is frequently targeted by hackers and spammers. Our WordPress Security Service can help you protect your business and data by installing the WordFence plugin.

Google announced that as of July of 2018 all websites not using an SSL certificate and not showing HTTPS in the URL will be marked as “not secure.” This change occurred at the same time Google released Chrome 68. Our SSL Setup Service can help you install and set up an SSL certificate to make your website secure.

What is WordFence?

WordFence is a plugin that will scan the integrity of your website files for changes or malware, protect your website from brute force login hacks, and monitor website traffic. It uses the Threat Defense Feed to automatically update firewall rules which will protect you from the latest threats in real-time.

Firewall Protection

The Firewall will prevent you from getting hacked by identifying malicious traffic. It will block attackers before they can access your website.

Security Scanning

The security scan will check for signatures of malware variants that are known security threats and will report if any WordPress core files, themes, or plugins fail an integrity check against the WordPress.org repository. It will also check for backdoors, trojans, suspicious code, and other security issues.

Login Security

Includes login security to prevent brute force hacks. Also allows login using Two Factor Authentication by use of password and cell phone to improve security.


See all website traffic in real-time. This includes robots, humans, login/logouts, 404 errors, and DDoS attacks.

Health Reporting

Receive periodic health reports via e-mail that includes recently blocked attacks, top failed user logins, blocked traffic by country and IP address, recently modified files, and available WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates.

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Our WordPress Security Service is part of our WordPress Website Management Service. We charge by the hour for WordPress security support or can offer you a monthly plan depending on your needs.

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