WordPress Migration

It may be necessary to move your website from one hosting provider to another. There may be a technical reason or it could be a billing situation. In either case, we can recommend a hosting provider to meet your needs.

Our WordPress Migration Service will take great care in transferring your website. Everything will be moved, including themes, plugins, and images. We will also make a backup of your database and all of your files.

How the WordPress Website Migration Service works

How It Works

The website migration process is fairly straightforward. We will first export your database and download your files from the old hosting company. Then we will log in to your new hosting cPanel to upload the files and import the database. Finally, we will point your domain name to the new hosting account so that internet propagation can begin.

In order to migrate your WordPress website we will need access to the following accounts:

  • WordPress website administrator login
  • Domain Registrar login
  • Hosting provider cPanel login (both old and new)
  • FTP admin username and password (both old and new)
WordPress Website Migration Downtime

How Long Will the WordPress Migration Take?

Once we have received all of the login credentials we will begin the backup process. The time it takes to backup and then download everything will depend on the size of the website. We will then upload the files and connect the database of the new hosting provider.

If we are just moving the WordPress website from one hosting account to another, then you should experience little to zero downtime. If we are moving from one domain to another domain, the downtime could be 24-48 hours depending on internet propagation.

We will make every attempt to keep your website downtime at a minimum, and in most cases, you will experience no downtime.

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The WordPress Migration Service is charged at a rate of $60 per hour.

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