Take your idea to the next level with our WordPress plugin develepment service

Sometimes there isn’t an out of the box solution when you are building a new website or adding features to an existing website. At its core WordPress is very basic, so to set yourself apart from the competition you may need technology developed just for your business or endeavor.

Our WordPress Plugin Development Service is the right fit for your project. We pay close attention to the details and carefully examine your plugin requirements to find solutions that meet your needs.

Your project will follow a workflow process:

  • Phase 1. Research and Planning

    We will discuss the features of the plugin and the goals that you would like to achieve. This will be included in the spec sheet, which will act as the blue print for development.

  • Phase 2. Design

    We will create a comprehensive layout (comp) for the plugin design. It must be approved before moving onto the next phase.

  • Phase 3. Development

    Work begins in the development environment. During this time you will have the opportunity to approve the project milestones as the plugin is created.

  • Phase 4. Quality Assurance and Testing

    Before the plugin is delivered to you we will test it, fixing any problems that are found. This is also the opportunity to make any last minute revisions.

  • Phase 5. Finalizing and Delivery

    The project is completed when you give final approval. Delivery of the plugin includes its installation onto your website.

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