WordPress Development Service

Our WordPress Development Service is a complete package for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses. It encompasses many of our services (including web design) to create websites that are fully functional and give a great user experience.

Generally, we offer our WordPress Web Development Service for projects that require custom development of features or solutions that don’t currently exist. The WordPress plugin repository and community of developers have created many free and affordable plugins. But, more often than not, a feature or solution is not entirely available for a project. Our service can create the feature or solution for you, or customize an existing plugin.

Example Projects for Our WordPress Development Service

The following is a selection of WordPress Development projects that we have completed for our clients. Visit our Web Design Portfolio page to see more.

Why Use Our WordPress Development Service

Some believe that a web designer essentially does the same type of work as a web developer. But in fact, the two are completely different. The web designer has graphic design skills and an artistic inclination, focuses on the look and feel of a website, primarily works with HTML (including CSS and JavaScript), and creates the User Experience (UX). The web developer has an analytical mind and good problem-solving skills, creates the inner workings of a website, is competent in multiple programming languages (including PHP, Python, and Ruby), and develops the User Interface (UI).

There will always be parts of design and development involved with any project. The web designer focuses on the overall look and feel of a website, whereas the web developer creates the inner workings of a website. Both are what make a website successful. We provide our WordPress Development Service as a complete solution for new and established businesses.

Our Process for WordPress Development

Our WordPress Development Service follows a 5 step process to ensure all project requirements are met:

1. Research and Planning

We will discuss your business goals and what you would like to achieve with your website. This will be included in the spec sheet, which will act as the blueprint for the project.

2. Design

We will create a comprehensive layout (comp) of how your website will look. You will be able to make changes to the design and layout during this process and must approve them before moving on to the next phase.

3. Development

Work begins in the development environment. During this time, you will have the opportunity to approve the project milestones as the website is created.

4. Quality Assurance and Testing

Before the website is launched, we will test it, fixing any problems that are found. This is also the time to make any last-minute changes.

5. Finalizing and Delivery

The project is completed when you give final approval. The website is launched and made live on the internet.

Hire a WordPress Developer

Apart from building new websites with our WordPress Development Service, we can help you with smaller projects as well.

WordPress Plugin Development

Do you want to take your idea to the next level? Our WordPress Plugin Development Service can help set you apart from the competition.
WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Fix It Service

Our WordPress Fix It Service goes well beyond simple customization. We can fix just about any WordPress related error and get your website back in running order.
WordPress Fix It Service

WordPress Consulting Service

If you’re stuck with a WordPress project, facing a deadline, or find yourself in an emergency situation, our WordPress Consulting Service can help. We provide real-world, professional support for a wide range of topics.
WordPress Consulting Service

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