E-Commerce Development Service

Our E-Commerce Development Service is your one-stop shop for selling products online. Whether you have a website now or are planning to build one, we can create you an online shopping cart solution to meet your needs. Above all, our years of expertise in building E-Commerce websites will ensure your customers have a memorable user experience through a carefully planned online shopping interface.

Example Projects for Our E-Commerce Development Service

The following is a selection of E-Commerce Development projects that we have completed for our clients. Visit our Web Design Portfolio page to see more.

Sell Online with Our E-Commerce Development Service

Pricing for our E-Commerce Development Service scales up depending on your requested features. WordPress Shopping cart websites with a bare-bone, out-of-the-box setup will keep the price down, whereas a large development project will increase the price based on the estimated hours.

Some development solutions can be found through already existing extensions. So we may be able to find a way to design and develop your WordPress shopping cart website while keeping you within your budget. Once we determine the scope and requirements of the project we will be able to give you an estimate.

How Are Products Initially Added to the WordPress Shopping Cart?

Although we may add products to the website for testing, you will be responsible for creating the product catalog. We offer two solutions for our E-Commerce Development Service:

  1. You can add the products yourself before launching the shopping cart. If you do not know how to do this, we can help you with our WordPress Training Service. You may also want to have us train someone that you’ve hired and are paying at an hourly rate.
  2. The products can be added by our team at an hourly rate. All product images and the copy will be required before we begin. We will give you a separate estimate before the work commences.

Usually learning how to add products to your website will cost you less in the long term. You’ll want to know how to manage your catalog after the website is launched. We provide WordPress Maintenace Plans for long-term care of the website. However, we do not offer a service to manage your product catalog.

Shopping Cart Plugins Used With Our E-Commerce Development Service

An E-Commerce website is a complete software platform that is specifically developed to sell products online. A shopping cart is a plugin that is added to an already existing website that allows products to be sold online through a catalog. Both come with payment gateways for secure transactions. But additional development for a shopping cart may be necessary for specific features that are not normally included. Because WordPress is not an E-Commerce solution we use a shopping cart plugin. The following are plugins that we use with our E-Commerce Development Service.

WooCommerce - E-Commerce Development Service


The most popular WordPress shopping cart plugin that we use is WooCommerce which is offered through our WooCommerce Development Service. For instance, it allows you to sell physical, digital, and virtual products. These products can be items such as clothing, e-books, or membership subscriptions. As the website owner, you will be able to manage inventory, shipping, and store customers. We love WooCommerce because it is a feature-rich shopping cart with hundreds of installable extensions.

WooCommerce Development Service
Easy Digital Downloads - E-Commerce Development Service

Easy Digital Downloads

If you only want to sell digital products for download, another solution that we offer is our Easy Digital Downloads Development Service. Although it is a smaller, lightweight shopping cart plugin, it still has features to provide a great online shopping user experience.

Easy Digital Downloads Development Service
WooZone - E-Commerce Development Service

WooZone + WooCommerce

If you’ve ever wanted to have an E-Commerce website but didn’t have anything to sell, now you can. With our WordPress Amazon Affiliate Website Service, we can build you an online store to sell Amazon products.

WordPress Amazon Affiliate Website Service

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