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WP Slug Generator will convert ordinary text, like a blog title or an article title, into a human-readable slug. This tool uses the WordPress sanitize_title filter to return a value intended to be used in a URL.

Type any ordinary text and WP Slug Generator will convert it into a slug:

Remove stop words?

What is a Post Slug in WordPress?

slug (noun)


1. a part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in a form readable by users.

Why are Slugs Important?

Using a slug makes the URL semantic and easy to understand. Because the slug is a factor that is used to rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs), it is important to use keywords that are related to the page content. This is a strategic way to target where a page will show in the search results.

Should Stop Words Be Removed from the Slug?

Wikipedia defines stop words as the most commonly used words in the English language. In the case of a URL slug, search engines in the past have had problems when searching for phrases that include stop words. Because of this, it has been a long-standing practice to remove stop words from a slug to improve SEO.

Google has become better at dealing with stop words since the Hummingbird algorithm update and can now handle longer search phrases that include stop words. This is good news as it may be necessary to keep stops words for readability. Using the keyword or keyword phrase in the slug will help ensure that your URL shows in the search results correctly, but it may make more sense to also include stop words in the slug to get your overall point across.

What List of Stop Words Is Being Used by WP Slug Generator?

WP Slug Generator checks for the same list of stop words that is used by the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

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