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About MedicareInc.com

MedicareInc.com is an Arizona based insurance agency focused on nationwide senior health care. Our agency is built on the cornerstone of educating beneficiaries about Medicare Insurance. We are dedicated to helping people get the maximum coverage available at the lowest price while providing the best coverage options available.

Portfolio Project Type


  • Responsive Design
  • Contact form
  • Call-to-action
  • Landing page
  • Printer-friendly pages
  • Lead Generation Form
  • Knowledgebase

Highlighted Feature 1

Problem: The client needed a method to capture leads through an online form.

Solution: We created a form, using Contact Form 7, that connects to a third-party. Live insurance information is provided to the visitor filling out the form, allowing them to set up an appointment.

Highlighted Feature 2

Problem: A knowledgebase was needed to provide information to visitors. The knowledgebase also needed to be used for marketing.

Solution: We installed a third-party knowledgebase plugin and styled it to match the MedicareInc.com theme.