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About Brotha Blakk

Brotha Blakk is a versatile West Coast rap artist, born Lewis Tyrone Mapp Jr. in West Helena, Arkansas. If you have never heard his music before, be prepared to get reacquainted with everything that made music intoxicating throughout the mid 90’s. Blakk seems to recapture the magic of that West Coast sound that dominated the early 2000’s. His sound can range from a laidback calm –before- the-storm, to an all out assault of musical mayhem over synthesized baselines, tight percussion, melodic strings and captivating horns. Through pinpoint delivery, Blakk takes the listener on a journey through his mind, painting vivid lyrical pictures of his life. His digital diary of drama, pain and triumphs are as revealing as they are inviting. This musical visionary displays an uncanny ability to mesh gangster rap with funk, soul and R&B without even skipping a beat.

Portfolio Project Type


  • Fully Functional E-Commerce Website
  • Responsive Design
  • Homepage Slider
  • Blog
  • SoundCloud Integration

Highlighted Feature

Problem: The client needed a way to sell music, and allow samples of the music to be available on the product pages.

Solution: We used SoundCloud and integrated the SoundCloud player into the website.